There’s no school like childhood. And there’s no teacher like curiosity. At Parle, we believe that every child has the potential to become a genius if allowed to follow their curious minds and explore without limitations. That’s why we made thefuturegenius.com website. A tool for both parents and children to help identify the spark of genius in a child, nurture it and give it a platform to be showcased on. Do visit the site for more information and together let’s start raising future geniuses.





Every nation dreams of a better tomorrow. And every nation’s tomorrow lies in the hands of its children; the young stars who shape the future of the nation. So, it’s important to nourish these young stars, after all it’s a question of the nation’s future.
Filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, Parle-G is a source of all round nourishment. Treat yourself to a pack of yummy Parle-G biscuits to experience what has nurtured and strengthened millions of people for over 70 years. A meal substitute for some and a tasty and healthy snack for many others. Consumed by some for the value it offers, and many others for its taste. Whatever the occasion, it has always been around as an instant source of nourishment. Little wonder that it’s the largest selling biscuit brand in the world.

411g – Tk. 2, 35g – Tk. 5, 70g – Tk. 10, 154g – Tk. 20, 385g – Tk. 50.




2 (2)


Imagine biting into a cookie that oozes with irresistible taste of fresh, wholesome butter and showered with crisp, crunchy cashew..mmmm….sheer heaven. 20-20 cookies are baked to a golden brown crispiness to melt in the mouth and leave you with the taste of perfection.Once you open a pack, you can be sure its going to be over before you can even say Parle 20-20 cookies khao, short mein niptaon. 20-20 cookies can be eaten at any time of the day, but may we suggest you avoid tea times! You don’t want to share it with anyone at all.
So enjoy Parle 20-20 cookies, filled with the richness of cashew and the goodness of butter…

445g – Tk. 10, 210g – Tk. 40.




3 (2)


Creamy, milky goodness, now with a dash of fun. Introducing new Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich biscuits featuring Tom & Jerry. Filled with yummy, creamy goodness of milk in delicious biscuits of your all-time favourite toons. Grab a pack today.
And get ready for a joy-filled ride of fun and taste!

475g – Tk. 10, 150g – Tk. 20.




4 (2)


There are two types of people in this world. Those who love to talk, and those who love to listen. Not surprisingly, both types love Parle Marie. Because it’s much more than a Marie biscuit. It’s as light as the jokes your best friend cracks. As crisp as your uncle’s commentary on politics. As tasty as the juicy rumours your sister brings to the table.
It is, in short, the perfect accompaniment to chats, arguments, discussions and gossip sessions. And yes, it’s healthy too. So the next time you’re in good company, grab your favourite cuppa and open a pack of Parle Marie. We promise the conversations that follow will be as addictive.

4125g – Tk. 20, 255g – Tk. 45.




5 (2)


It is the ultimate crispy cracker with the finest taste of butter, especially made to mesmerize you with its smoothness. The unspoken dream or the wildest imagination gets real, with the smooth texture of butter. So take a bite and escape into your own world where it will be just about you and everything else fades into oblivion. Let no one come between you and “Buttery Taste & Buttery Dreams”.







Get ready to escape into the delicious Magical Masti of rich creamy goodness with Parle Magix Crème Biscuits. Discover a new magical experience with our interesting flavours that are guaranteed to satisfy every one of your taste buds. For a tangy delight, choose the Orange flavour. If you are a chocolate lover, find solace in the magical rich chocolaty goodness of the delightful Chocolate flavour. Or just pamper your taste buds with the mouth-watering Elaichi flavour. Now indulge in the taste of summer, all year round with the delicious Mango flavour or may be try the perfect tropical treat with the Pineapple flavour. So what are you waiting for, pick your favourite Magix Crème flavour, close your eyes, lick the divine creamy center, bite into the crunchy delicious biscuit and let the enchanting journey of Magical Masti begin.

435g – Tk. 5, 70g – Tk. 10,




8 (2)


Like relationships, our biscuits too become better with time. Presenting the bigger, richer and tastier Parle G Gold. More ingredients and a richer formulation have given India’s favourite biscuit a bigger and better bite. No wonder these golden baked biscuits are the perfect tribute to your ever evolving good taste. Open a pack to experience enhanced goodness and taste today. Because sometimes, even age old relationships deserve something new.